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Thread: Simple question about melee ST dps

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    Default Simple question about melee ST dps

    Because nothing is that simple in this game anyway...
    Ok, right to the point, i'm leveling a rogue and i was asking myself about a good build for PVE for ST Melee DPS (its intended to be better than ranged ST DPS and i'm a bit used to the mechanics XD) for 5 men dungeons. But the thing is, there were these recent changes to assassin, so i'd like to know if its viable to DPS with it (assassin) even when not behind the target.
    If assassin cant be viable, then could you tell me any Melee ST DPS that does more DPS than ranger that i could possibly use for 5 men dungeons??

    Thank you for everything, sorry for anything.
    Waiting for answers impatiently, of course!!!

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    Assassin is still a great single-target melee dps spec. In fact it has improved with 2.6. I can't comment on its efficacy whilst leveling but at level 60 it puts out some of our best numbers.

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    61 sin / 6 ranger / 9 marksman is pretty good for ST dps (but rather for raids than soloing)
    PvP in RIFT is good only @forum.

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    Sin is even more viable now than it was before, though for dungeons I'd recommend using Nightblade.
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    Yeah, Assassin is very strong-- but it's also horrifically energy starved without raid buffs, which makes it painful to use in dungeons unless the boss is dying in under a minute. Nightblade and Bladedancer are better melee spec choices for dungeons, particularly since they have AoE.

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