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Thread: Rogue ranged dps suggestion

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    Default Rogue ranged dps suggestion

    Hello. I use to read in general chat "LF rogue dps 15k+".
    I can't go over 11k when I'm lucky....

    Here the spec I use:
    - 61 ranger
    - 12 assassin (5 murderous intent, 2 ruthlesness, 5 magnify pain)
    - 3 nightblade (3 burning rage)

    Equipment almost all T1, miss main weapon, shoulders and legs.
    My stats:
    - Dex 2273
    - Str 1341
    - Attack Power 3414
    - Phys Crit 2290
    - Crit Power 612
    - Hit 526

    I use to have these buffs up:
    - Ravenous Instincts
    - Feral Instincts
    - Leeching Poison
    - Virulent Poison

    Have the blood raptor up.

    Use 2x weapon buff, powersurge vial and feast.

    My rotation is:
    - Ace shot
    - feral aggression
    - animalism
    - shadow fire
    - twin shot

    then builder Quick shot x 4 and Twin shot, until cooldown for shadow fire or animalism are back, and of course ace shot when it decay.
    Sometimes I use Piercing Shot and Splinter Shot.
    Don't have any macro.

    I'm missing something? Got wrong soul to play with Ranger? Wrong buff? Wrong rotation?

    Or people in chat are liers and my dps is good enough for the stats I have?

    As trinket I have the Empowered Death Toll.

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    There is a ranger guide posted in the rogue guide section you should go check it out. Few quick things, make sure you keep head shot buff up keep splinter shot up ( dont clip it) hold feral and animalism untill after all your buffs are up (shadow fire head shot ....). Go read the guide for a more in depth look at what mistakes your making.

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    Opening should be something like : Shadow fire > Ace shot > Splinter shot > quick shot to 5 CP, then Headshot.

    Then you're going to refresh splinter and ace as needed, w\ the rest of your spam being quick shot.

    You'll need to hit headshot every minute to keep it's buff up.

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