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Thread: Need Help Bad/Plz Ranger

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    Default Need Help Bad/Plz Ranger

    I'm in raids and I got 11k sometimes 12-13k but not enough .. getting kick? I guess its my rotation .plz what should I do I got premo gear and weapons??

    Rotation is :
    Quick Shot
    Splinter Shot
    Shadow Fire
    Piercing Shot

    AOE Trick Shot

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    This will help:

    Gery's Ranger Guide

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    Instead of doing a rotation, Ranger is about DoT and buff management. Use Splinter Shot when it is about to fall off of your target. Use Shadow Fire either on CD or when the buff is about to fall off of you. Use Animalism and Feral Aggression in conjunction with raid cds. When not maintaining dots, use Quick Shot as filler.

    Also, I really hope that those aren't the only skills you are using. When you get to 5 combo points, you need to use Twin Shot, unless Bestial Fury is about to fall off, in which case you should use Head Shot. To manage all of these cds, you can use an addon such as KaruulAlerts or Gadgets: Buffs.

    See Gery's excellent guide for a more in depth look.
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    It's not you, Ranger is just crap compared to many other ranger dps souls. Reroll warriors and you'll do over 10k dmg in blues.
    PvP in RIFT is good only @forum.

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