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Thread: Does every class have permanant speed boosts?

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    Default Does every class have permanant speed boosts?

    I have been leveling a rogue, and doing some pvp for the guild weekly in the process and I'm noticing even tho I play marksman with the near constant + speed boosts, it seems to have no effect. I run faster, and so does my enemy, I see people run by me (in an unmounted battle ground) as if I was not using a speed boost at all. I try to use one to move away from someone and they are right on my heels everytime.

    How is it possible that even when I'm moving at 50% faster speed, I cant out run ANYONE?

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    Because almost every PVP spec will have some form of method to close the gap.

    E.g. You use your movement speed boost, they will use their own which could be in another soul and may cost them something else than a pure PVP Utility based soul such as Marksman.

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    they had to fill the slots with some skills, so they gave MM movement speed :P

    Its not totaly useless, just situational.
    PvP in RIFT is good only @forum.

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