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Thread: PVP sin or NB?

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    Default PVP sin or NB?

    I'm looking for a good pvp build/macros but can't decide which spec. I leveled as MM and also use tact from time to time but it seems assassin is the go to pvp spec. Anyone have any info on assassin, night blade, or blade dancer specs for pvp along with some macros?

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    NB sucks, play sin.

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    I have an NB build but Its not really good to play without support and you only really do well every minute or so with cooldowns up (I am not p90 though so maybe it gets better with myrm weps).

    61 sin, rest based on your choice (I go mm/rs mostly but I do have a tact/rs one I took from one of the guides to try out). Playing in AUS I have some issues with ms/disconnects so I like the RS port as well as LP.

    You can find macros in the guide section, but be careful as some things are probably better off a macro and on the bar ;)

    Of my ~12 souls I usually only PVP as sin or mm (excluding bard/sab for cq).
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