Well, I currently have a level 31 Cleric (Druid/Shaman) and I rerolled my Warrior for a Rogue yesterday. I'm currently using my own build for the Rogue and since I haven't bought the game, I don't have the Tact to mix into my own build. I'm just curious to see what you folks believe would be a viable 2nd build in case this build doesn't work past level 20, and as stated I don't have any paid for classes as I'm just starting the game and just wanting check it out first to make sure I'm into it enough to pay for it.

So basically the questions are as follows:
What is a viable build for solo leveling? (questing, and using IA for Rifts for gear)
Is there a different build you'd suggest for group leveling? (dungeons, and IA if I feel like actually helping)
What are your thoughts on a Saboteur/NS/Ranger build? (Sabo as the main spec, NS for the heals, and Ranger for the pet)
Would you suggest some PvP action for gear and if so is there any certain build I should be aware of that's good for PvP? (I know about the Rangers pet wolf that's for PvP)