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Thread: Rogue Help needed Stats

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    Default Rogue Help needed Stats

    Heya guys i have been searching for a guide to rogue stat's but so far everything seems to be either out of date or people i have spoke to all seem to contradict each other.

    i currently have 61Ranger/12SIN/3NB and 61bard/10MM/5RS (which i use for raids)

    1) ive been told that with the ranger to get rid of all the phisical crit because it only affects melee .. but i dont think thats right as all the dps gear seems to has phis crit on it. could someone clear this up for me pls.

    2) Stat Caps. <<<Clueless

    3) to sum up im lost to the whole lot. been told too many different things and im finding i dont know what to do.

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    Physical crit is avoided because it takes over 100 to get 1% crit (think it's 122.xx). It affects ranged as well. There are caps for this, both a soft cap and a hard cap but since you avoid gear with physical crit this isn't really that important

    Crit power hardcaps at around 1400. Which means less in raids due to feasts etc. around 1200 iirc. (note as I stack ap this is irrelevant to me and therefore I do not know, someone will come and give you the correct numbers im sure though.)

    Attack power has no cap.

    Typically people advise everyone to go for crit power > ap. This isn't entirely the full picture for every spec but it's a good guideline for a beginner.

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    While whoever is telling you to get rid of phys crit is correct they are so wrong as to why. Phys crit affects all rogue abilities. phys crit has a value around .3 +/- depending on spec. Meaning 100 crit is equal to 30ish ap. Given the stats most phys crit gear just doesnt have enough to over come and ap or cp item.

    Values are ranger - cp gets a .8
    bard cp gets .33 and crit is .15 i think but i cant remember for sure either way bard is a stack ap all day spec.
    Ap always is 1-1 for any spec
    It has been a while since ive played either so that might be a little off but shouldnt be far.

    Cp caps at 1400 or 1401 (depending on who you ask but not a bigg diff so meh) so if you have your charred greater feast banner you should aim for 1194/5 self buffed if you want to cap out in a raid.

    And yea a lot of people disagree about stats and gear. Always have always will. There are some guide in the forums with values in them others you just uave to look at what you speced into. If your build has a bunch of ap modifiers it drops the crit power value, like bards reverb. If it has a bunch of + % to crit them its going to favor crit power more, like the 1st tier on sin and ranger.

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