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Thread: DPS Rogue, Looking toward Tanking SLEDs.

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    Default DPS Rogue, Looking toward Tanking SLEDs.

    Hi all,

    I posted this in the Gneral Class Forum, but after no responses, realized it might be better in the Rogue Forum.

    I'm currently running a DPS build for Expert Dungeons, but am looking down the road toward Tanking. I'm a fairly fresh level 60 with only a few DPS purples and wonder what to do with my Slayer's Marks. My DPS is reasonable for Experts, I say this because I'm in second place on the dps meter most times, all the while maintaining proper mechanics (most of the time). I see far more DPS gear drops than I do Tank drops, this makes me think I should just grab DPS drops and spend Marks on Tank Gear.

    Before I spend my hard earned Marks one way or the other, can anyone with more experience than myself offer some advice?

    Thanks Kindly.

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    Before you spend your marks, I would try your hand at tanking. There is plenty of tank gear that drops in experts. For raiding there is alot more dps needed over tanks, and normally guilds have their main tanks and reserve tanks. If you prefer dps then you will want to spend your marks on what you enjoy, and get tank drops for your off spec.

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