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Thread: "Deadly Night Stalker" build, WIP.

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    Default "Deadly Night Stalker" build, WIP.


    I am having fun atm trying new rogue pvp builds!

    The latest one tries to combine Deadly Dance in BD with Heat Retention in NB as the main damage increase mechanic.

    Basicaly use BD finisher when target is above 30% then use NB finisher when target is under 30% to "Finish Him" with the best Mortal Combat voice you can do!

    The rest of the points gives nice pvp utility from RS, BD and NB and pretty nice damage boosts from various procs.


    3 ports + 1 charge
    2 def cds (-30% and + dodge)
    1 Nuke Cd (+30% damage in BD)
    1 Silence interrupt (and 1 from stealth)
    1 Ranged Root (Dusk to Dawn) (and 1 stealth oponer confuse)
    1 Heal builder ticking for alot combined with RS and porting around.

    Absorb mechanic and Ranged Attacks and Good Hp pool.

    Note The RS ports do insane damage when combined with Deadly Dance!

    Future of build:

    My rogue has only freelancers atm, So the build includes lots of points in RS to buff my survivability. I ll try experiment with more points in NB and BD when I get better gear.

    For example 44 NB ( for Twilight Trans and Touc of Darkness) / 25 BD (to max hack and slash)/ 7 RS (or something else) could be worth a go!

    Link to Build:

    Mainspam macro

    Phantom Blow
    Dusk strike
    Quick strike
    Keen Strike
    Twilight Force

    "Deadly Finisher" to get Deadly Dance+ Scourge of Darkness up quick.

    Scourge of darkness
    Deadly Strike

    (Note u can use Meditative trance also to get the Deadly dance buff up)

    "Finish Him" macro

    Blazing Strike
    Flame Thrust
    /y Finish Him!

    Those 3 are the main macros. The rest I use on separate keys.
    Rift Distrubance does nice damage all around, but consumes charges of Scourge of Darkness way to fast so leave it on a AoE macro.


    Mortim (Loyce my rogue ingame Blood Iron)

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    Ok nice, but what is the build?

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