Hello All(not sure which is the best place to post this)

I would like to start by saying I have Googled, I have read many pages of posts here and last but not least I have used the search feature,

I am unable to find a leveling build and guide for Solo Leveling from 1-whatever. That is recent.
With Google searches I have found some from 2011 but I know there has been a lot of changes.

If I have just missed them/it I apologize. If someone could reply with a link that would be great.

I do not have SL yet but do plan on getting it....someday.

I would like to be able to go ranged bow if possible, or super sneaker stealthy stabby. However if those type souls are not the best for solo leveling 1-50 that's ok I will go with what ever is the "most" optimal for survival and least downtime etc etc.

I thank you in advance for any links to good current build/guides or any help and advice you can give.