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Thread: BladeDancer or Nightblade??

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    Default BladeDancer or Nightblade??

    New player looking for advice on what soul to start out with..

    -Looking to solo with ease, However, I love to dungeon and I pvp here and there.

    - Fast paced combat w/ mobility is always fun, I like challenge!

    -Looking for that combat rogue feel. duel wielding blades, master of combat. swift gameplay etc...

    Any suggestions??

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    You're describing a Bladedancer pretty well there so I'd give it a try. It's theme is that of a highly agile dual-wielding swordsman and it's definitely a very fast paced playstyle that requires quite a bit of concentration on the player's part to do well with - worth it if you can crack it though!

    Both Bladedancer and Nightblade can solo (with the right sub-souls; Tactician and Rifttsalker) and dungeon very well. I only PvP very little so I won't comment on their capabilities in that area.

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    Learn to play both, have both builds in your roster.
    Quote Originally Posted by Muspel View Post
    I believe Assassin DoTs are uncleansable.

    It's still a terrible PvP spec compared to Marksman, though.

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