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Thread: remarkable difference between two 61 ranger builds

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    Default remarkable difference between two 61 ranger builds

    if this is some kind of noob question, i apologize in advance, but can you please explain to me such a big DPS difference between

    http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#zkllaGGlaB4/yr8/ws (Gery's ranger guide)


    61ranger/10NB(weapon dmg + ap and +10% dmg combo point builders/5RS (weapon dmg + ap)

    with gerys build i sometimes pull 18k DPS in SLE and 17k+ (up to 20,21k)steady in raids and with second, i cant do more than 15-16k, SLE, or raids. even with almost 1000 more attack power ...

    thank you in advance.

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    1. Loss of second weapon enchant is a big loss (500+ dps)
    2. RS instead of a dps subsoul is a loss of 2.5% passive damage modifier (250-300 dps).
    3. Blazing Fury is extremely weak talent, it gives less than 100 dps per point when the better talents are around 200 dps per point.

    You have a lot of AP/Weapon Damage talents which you have correctly identified as the best value but the problem is that you pay way too high price elsewhere to get them. Ranger also already has a relatively large AP/Wdps stack from Steady Hand which increases the value of other talents such as +physical damage in comparison to taking more AP/Wdps.

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