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Thread: Is the ranged/melee transition bug getting worse?

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    Default Is the ranged/melee transition bug getting worse?

    So I'm bad, and have always had Quick Shot macro'ed in with my Planar Strike/Phantom Blow macro.
    Never really been a problem. For experts, allows me to easily tag ranged mobs, and then pull them in with a taunt if they start to go haywire, but porting into a mob, I start whacking it right away.

    However, was doing some pulls last week on Salvarola, and even though I'd open with a port, I'd still end up doing a couple QS shots on him before my toon would switch to his melee weapons.

    Similar, seems like I'm seeing this happen more often then not now on my assasin (which I know is really bad, and I'll probably be fixing it tonight), where I can run around for 3 GCDs or so in melee range before my toon decides to finally switch.

    Point remains: anyone else find that within the last month or so, this bug has gotten far worse than it has in the past?

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    It has always been that bad.

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    For riftstalker use a finisher (guarded steel) and for assassin use puncture when you notice you shoot that bow (gun).

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    i just have quick shot separate. though it is increasingly difficult to find a convenient key for it

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