Mind you I'm only level 41, so I'm no where near professional at this game, which is why I'm here to ask if this spec is even worth the time. The way I play is to get in after buffing via NB spec with the rift teleports and lockdown roots. I haven't really gone into bard, but It helps the team, and helps myself, with dps buffs and a little bit of healing so as to ease the strain away from healers.

I haven't made a page on it because I found no need to do such because It's more so a testing thing. That and I haven't even gone into the bard section as of yet because of me still learning how to play the game. Another question would be, If this wouldn't even be worth the time, what -would- be a good spec, and the proper ways to play them? As in which skill to lead with first, what to follow, what to end with. That kind of thing. Because I'm more of an in your face, I'll beat you down while my healers support me from the back lines, kind of guy.

And for my last question, where in the heck would I even bother to level aside from Adventure Mode and Warfronts? It seems like those two are the easiest ways to do so, and even still with the repetition it gets a little boring. I'm a man who grinds on games a lot, thus I know of the struggle, but to repeat the same quests over and over and over again, as opposed to killing just hundreds of mobs is pretty boring.