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Thread: What overrides piercing shot (ranger)?

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    Default What overrides piercing shot (ranger)?

    I keep getting it overrided in raids even when im the only ranger.

    What overrides piercing shot?

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    This thread might be a bit outdated as some skills may have changed, but its the most recent I can find.


    It lists all the buffs and debuffs. Things within a dashed region under the same group overwrite each other. A different dashed region in the same group will all be ovewritten by a dashed region above them. Hope that helps!

    Armor Debuff
    Reaping Touch (Warrior/Reaver) -3600 Armor, applied by Ravaging Strike
    Mark of Inevitability (Warrior/Champion)
    Lightning Fury (Rogue/Marksman)
    Piercing Shot (Rogue/Ranger)
    Splinter Bomb (Rogue/Saboteur)

    It was updated in April of this year, I dont think the debuffs have changed much since then.
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    Warriors have an armor debuff Reaping Touch, or Mark of Inevibility, it could also be by a marksman in your raid applying Lightning Fury.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaCactus View Post
    I keep getting it overrided in raids even when im the only ranger.

    What overrides piercing shot?
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