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Thread: Level 50+ Assassin Leveling

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    Default Level 50+ Assassin Leveling

    My rogue is L54 as of this writing (so is my mage, with a 52 warrior). I looked at and tried the Grandpa build, and while it did kill quickly, once you blew your cool downs, it was slower than pure assassin, for the next target. I also enjoy having permanent stealth, so here is the build I am using:


    At levels 50-53, just take points from Heartseeker.

    I found that it kills just as quickly as Grandpa, had great survivability, and the permanent stealth is nice when you want to bypass a bunch of crap and go straight to the objective.

    I am sure others have been using something similar.

    My rotation is as follows (I do not use macros):

    Expose Weakness
    Jagged Strike
    Shadow Assault
    Impale (finisher)
    Phantom Blow
    Savage Strike x3
    Final Blow (finisher)

    If the target is not dead by then, keep hitting SS and using FB.

    You also have Poison Malice for extra dps, when needed.

    The poisons I use are Leeching and Lethal.

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    Improved final blow is a skill you dont wish to take unless going for full 61point build. Improved savage strike is also unneeded (and very weak w/o Crit power)
    Serrated blades is a lot stronger, having slip away for leveling is truly good too. Enduring brew is also a must have to level.
    Toughened soul from RS tree is basically useless, take planar boosts instead - 3/4 points and one in greater fortitude. Exceptional resilience is a good defensive perk to have, though.

    You want 51 points in assassin tree and the rest in RS. Rift guard and ruthless stalker are very good to have.
    Honestly I'd drop the 4 points in tactician since they can be useful only if you have any AoE - for sin builds they are waste in my opinion. Get 51 points into assassin - serpent strike is that good, and push up to ruthless stalker in RS tree.
    As last subsoul either zero or 2points in markman for ranged attacks (2 points would allow finisher but then you can not have 24 points in RS)
    Last note: planar disturbance should be in the rotation is it allows the poisons to double proc.
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