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Thread: Are rogue skills spells?

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    Default Are rogue skills spells?

    Fairly new to the game, so sorry if this has been discussed before.

    Are rogue skills (Shots, etc.) considered spells? There is regular damage, such as when you right click to auto-attack but don't activate a skill, and there is skill damage. Are you activating a spell to do the skill damage? If not, then what kind of damage is it?

    The reason I'm asking is I want to add a rune to my bow that increases spell damage, and I am curious to know if it will do any good.

    I am also curious to know why bows and guns are not considered two-handed weapons. I acquired a rune from an alt that said it was usable on two-handed weapons. It did not specify melee weapons, only two-handed.

    Thank you for any attention to this...

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    rogue attacks are either physical or non-physical (e.g. NB) but both types scale with ap not spellpower
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    Guns and bows are ranged weapons and not classed as a 1h or 2h weapon. the runeshards useable on 1h weapons are also used on ranged slot weapons. The also say useable on 1h ranged and seals. And yea sp does nothing for a rogue.

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    Rogue abilities are not spells, use attack power, and may be physical or non-physical damage. Bard abilities can be silenced. These are all completely separate considerations (see: Harbinger slashes or Justicar abilities which use spellpower but are not spells)

    Also physical crit affects all rogue abilities regardless of physical or non-physical damage.
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