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Thread: Tank question: Slayer's Mark Sword(s) or Dagger(s)?

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    Default Tank question: Slayer's Mark Sword(s) or Dagger(s)?

    I'm in the process of gearing up my rogue for tanking, and I'm wondering which is considered better:

    Reinforced Aggressor's Exalted Parrying Dagger - 85 End, 80 Dex, 33 Parry
    Reinforced Aggressor's Exalted Sword - 93 End, 61 Dex, 39 Parry

    From a pure EH standpoint, I see it as the sword over the dagger but, I would think the Dagger is better for DPS/Threat. Or am I totally misunderstanding something here. I'm just wondering what the more experienced rogue tanks think.

    Thank you in advance.
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    The general sentiment of most tanks right now is that endurance is the god stat. So the answer to every tanking question is the one with more endurance.
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    Threat generation is not a problem in this game. Trading useful health for a little more unnecessary threat is not an appropriate exchange.
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