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Thread: [Request] Ranger 6-60 Levelling Solo Quest Guide

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    Default [Request] Ranger 6-60 Levelling Solo Quest Guide

    As the title says, It would be good if someone could post a stable ranger+pet+melee build to use from 6-60 whilst levelling, with a level-by-level points guide (a la competition builds) With explanations as to what pets to use from level to level and how to use the melee and shots to full effectiveness.

    I have a level 40 Rogue, and after a LOT of build-rebuild-try-again kind of thing (think 3+ days of play time), I have found a Ranger/Bladedancer/Riftstalker build with majority of points in Ranger and Bladedancer. Using a Blood Raptor as the main pet, he seems to be able to keep mobs at bay, whilst I remove the ones on the edge, and can solo any mob more than 5 levels below me. Not a bad build, but can still get easily squished in a multiple same level mobs situation on a narrow path for instance, or trying to solo certain rifts. (Nightmare tides, Skittering Maw Earth rifts).

    The play style I have had to adopt is to maximise my range, and where theres a crowd of mobs to get through, pull one at a time from range, then kite them backwards to save aggroing more. Leave pet on defensive. Only time this doesnt work is if I hit a Mage mob, which fires back at me from range, pet goes for him, and gets hit by all surrounding aggro mobs.
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    u might use prebuild until level 50-60 or just try spend as much point on ranger as you can.

    i give few tips:
    - Soloing use always Tanking pet, not raptor. (this way you can kill EASLY enemys what are 2-3 levels above you) if you dont use tanking pet enemy will come to you.
    - keep your pet alive, it can save you. heal it when hp goes below 50%
    - use macros, they help alot!
    - again use macros....
    - keep your buffs on, use them always.
    - try single target only, low level ranger has bad dps on aoe.
    - put melee attack on your macros as last.
    - use raptor pet on dungeon
    - use wolf on pvp

    whit this setup same level mob you can kill in few seconds. (less than 5sec) like 4-5 shoots -> finnisher and 1-2shot.
    if your pet die and enemy comes to you with low heal then you melee attack it, but u gotta run away if pet die right away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonzodog View Post
    Not a bad build, but can still get easily squished in a multiple same level mobs situation
    This is a problem that you'll have with any ranger build, no matter where you spend your points. Overall, it's a very weak choice for soloing, because the pet is squishy and does not do a good job of holding aggro on multiple enemies. Solo pulling is about the extent of what it can handle. If that's a playstyle you enjoy, then go for it, but if you want something that's more durable and effective, then try one of the melee solo builds. They're far more durable, capable of killing 3-6 mobs of equal level or higher at once.
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