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Thread: lvl 60 PvP Spec ???

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    Default lvl 60 PvP Spec ???

    hey im having a big issue whit finding a good pvp spec, many says assassin is the best but i cant se that couse u always have to be behind ur target, and that doesn't work when u have 6-8 people around you

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    Assassin is very effective, but very overrated at the moment. They have a truckload of vulnerabilities and weaknesses that exist for smart players to exploit, banking on the lack of smart players is rarely a good thing to do.

    Try 61 MM.
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    dude, you have like 2x 4sec stun + stealth lol, how hard it is to get behind someone and use your abilities while they just stand there?

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    You don't always have to be behind your target to do damage. It'll provide a boost to damage, but isn't required.
    So you want a build that will perform well with 7 people surrounding you? Assassin + Slip Away + ****. Edit: Get out of there.


    are the 3 builds I use most in PvP.
    NB is also a good bursty build, you just need to know when to hit it and when to quit it.
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