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Thread: Marksman/Ranger PvP

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    Default Marksman/Ranger PvP

    Let me start by saying this. I've created builds for various classes in every single mmorpg I've ever played. The builds I create are decent, and most of the time are very good. I'm not saying this to toot my own horn, but I'm saying this so you have a better understanding of the point I am trying to convey.

    Now, on to business. My Marksman/Ranger/Assassin was a little lackluster in PvP, so I decided to create a build using crit chance and crit damage. It was the type of build to be proud of. I go in to PvP at level 29, and I am basically getting two-hit by level 25 mages and clerics. At the same time, I am barely doing enough damage to enemies. Most of the time, if I start a 1vs1 with a Mage, cleric, or warrior, I will lose. I am also doing 300-450 damage per shot, and 700 damage on crits.

    Then I create a Mage, and at level 8, I am doing about 300 damage per spell, which is ridiculously high.

    My questions: Is this normal for a rogue?
    Does every rogue go through this in PvP?
    If not, how did you overcome it?

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    PvP is not and never has been balanced around low level warfronts. Reach level 60.

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    can't remember low pvp with rogue but ill suggest you stick do NB, SIN or MM in low pvp...the rest seems to be garbage
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    Maybe you are just bad at building or simply playing the game. I've recently reach rank 61 (obviously lvl60) and I can assure you that until you hit lvl60 PvP with ranger and marksman isn't as bad as in late game.

    I've full FL armor set (+cloak), jeverly, bow and they are even worse at PvP than on pre 60 lvls.

    Best dmging archers skills do between 2k-3.5k dmg max with 5 marks (depending on what target you are hiting and his / your buffs). If you are lucky enough to avoid Tanks pulling you throw the battle field you may survive for a longer time and make decent dps, but you wont kill much on your own. From my experience you can only support with your DPS and kill steal once in a while. 2k-3.5k dmg every 10sec or so may sound good, but in reality you'll notice that most classes have 20k hp+ and with all the heals you are pretty much useless on your own.

    In the same time bladedancers or assasins faceroll most classes with just few abilities, though they have longer cooldowns on their OP buffs.

    The only tips which I can give you is to avoid being alone, always try to stay behind your team and pray that your team will have as good healers (IF any) as enemy team.
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    In a nutshell, low level pvp is pretty whack. You will have a blast creating builds as a rogue at 60 if you enjoy such. And don't worry, at 60, rogues are far from suck.

    I don't know what rogue builds are hot for low levels, literally haven't game a low level rogue since 2011. As long as you can find something passable you don't mind getting by with, 60 should be the prize your eyes are set on. That is where you can really get in depth with multiple and creative rogue builds. I've got 12 slots for roles and atm about 2 spare ones I could do whatever with (I should just make a sin/rs and nb/rs and call it a day). You can grab up to 20 and eat your heart out.
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