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Thread: Problem with aggro

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    Default Problem with aggro

    I have been happily working my way to lvl 60 using my Ranger and using Razorbeast as a tank, until today i have had no problems. When i logged in this morning and started questing i promptly noticed that my pet suddenly cant keep aggro, even if i back off and just let him at it as soon as i start shooting the mob comes after me.

    Also i noticed that the mobs continue chasing me way further than normal and my pet cant regain aggro no matter what i do. I have tried relogging, rebooting and dismissing and recalling my pet but nothing seems to work.

    Has anyone heard if this is a current bug or am i now doomed lol...oh and i have'nt changed any gear on me or my weapons.
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    Are all abilities on your pet's action bar glowing? right clicking them to glow makes it auto cast. right click again to make it so you have to make your pet use the ability. when the pet dies or is re-summoned it sometimes takes off the auto cast and you must right click to for the pet to auto cast again.
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    Razorbeast aggro reminds me aggro of some pug tanks in experts so never trust that.

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