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Thread: Level 30-60 PvE Levelling

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    Default Level 30-60 PvE Levelling

    I have a level 36 Rogue currently sitting in IPP, and have been trying a number of custom setups to make him less squishy to multiple aggro mobs. I am really struggling with this, and it has come to my notice that the Greater Razorbeast and Wolf both die very quickly with Ranger.

    I currently have a Ranger/Nightblade/RS setup, but fiery spike isnt that effective anymore as an instant builder, and its taking a long time to kill anything right now. 6-8 hits with pet for a same level mob.

    Is it worth me killing off the ranger altogether and going Marks(35 points), Nightblade(11 points), and Rs (0 points)?

    I have no idea how to make him less squishy, and cannot afford to purchase the SL pack right now. My problem is attacking one mob, with multiple aggro, then killing upto 6 at the same time without dying.

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    Less squishier is only possible when going into RS a lot more...i'lls suggest you examine your soul contribution for ranger again normally your ranger razorbeast shouldnt die to 1-2 mobs...if you wanna have a more grindy spec try out bladedancer/RS
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