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Thread: Makrsman buffs question

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    Default Makrsman buffs question

    HI all.
    Im new to game and a I rolled marksman as my first toon.
    I 've noticed that I can only 2 self buffs active at any time and I thought its a munition specific limit.
    Today I tried to give leech poison from assasin tree but I see that it dont stack either.

    Is there a rule like anyone can have only 2 buffs active?
    Thanks in advance

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    You can only have 2 weapon enchantments active at a time. (with the exception of 61 Sin which allows you to have 3)
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    There are still some tooltips that need to be updated to list the maximum number of buffs you can active. This has been done for (for example) Paragon Way buffs.

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