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Thread: QQ the other 15 pts: 10% AP & WPN DMG / Physical DMG

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    Default QQ the other 15 pts: 10% AP & WPN DMG / Physical DMG

    new player, so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. it just seems... too obvious.

    I solo with a RS and DPS with a MM. after putting 61 pts into main tree, what are the best net dmg boosters for the remaining 15 pts? as in:

    10% Physical DMG - Assy/Rng
    10% AP & WPN DMG - RS/NB
    5% damage on all attacks - MM

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    AP/WDPS from NB> RS

    But it depends on the spec. for MM it's 10 sin 5nb i believe is best w/few or no target swaps. Could be wrong since I never use that as a dps spec so I don't really pay attn to it.

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    Check muspel's guide for mm dps and u will understand where to put the rest of the 15 points.....

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    For pvp the best is 61mm/10rng/5rs. Rng is 5 eagle eye, 1 predatory instincts, 4 in wilderness training and RS is 5 unseen fury

    Variations I like is 61mm/6rng/9rs. This is if the healing in your group is a little weak. Remove the 4 in wilderness training and put it in great fortitude.

    Also there is 61mm/11nb/4rs. This one for twilight force witch is cool for multiple ppl chasing you its 5 burning rage, 4 blazing fury, 1 twilight force, 1 advanced state of sloth and 4 in unseen fury.

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