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Thread: Best crafting professions for a F2P player

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    Default Best crafting professions for a F2P player

    Just started playing, made a Rogue tank and hit 17 in about 3 hours, I would like to know what is the best crafting prof (in your opinion) for a F2P player.

    I 've played a multitude of mmo's and dont feel like subbing to every single one I try(but after playing this I am sure I will at some point) and while I have DayZ and GTA:O on the go, this fills my yearning for character progression lol.

    I like to raid and will do so at some point, so please take that into consideration, thanks

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    Since you're a rogue you can probably just do Butcher/Outfitter/Runecrafter

    butcher gets stuff for outfitter, and outfitter can craft the things rogue uses, then anything left over you can runebreak for runes to put in the things you craft. it's a win-win
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    Or just get all three gathering professions (Butchering, Foraging, and Mining), and sell everything you pick up.
    Honestly, it's very difficult to make any money selling crafted items in this game, so you're better off selling the mats.

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    The question is, do you want to make money or do you want to make things to use?

    For the things to use choice - Fiskerton has the most logical option. Though mining, artificer, foraging makes rings and necks that can be difficult options to come by. But you only get one set of "usable" items whereas butcher/outfitter/runcrafter gets leather gear and runes.

    For money making - Caldorian's options are the best. You will to check out the crafting guides to see what's valuable and what's not.

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    There is money in all of them w/ little investment.

    Picking all gathering 1st is just wrong, the money return is really low compared to the crafted stuff although the latter is more involving and requires some planning.
    If you dont have runebreaking/salvage (outitter) you have to vendor all soulbound stuff, the materials worth more, esp. on the epics.
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