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Thread: Storm Legion leveling problem

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    Default Storm Legion leveling problem

    Ok so I hit level 48 and got told via a Letter to the Storm legion content Isles (which their name eludes me at the moment but that's what edits for!) so I bugger off to the kingdom of Pelladane where I accepted a quest and went to go do said quest and got thoroughly Trounced

    at present I run with an Assassin set up with a few points into Blade dancer just for good measure I have ok Gear for my level and I had a solid Rotation in the old World that could 3v1post buff without to many issues

    I Don't know if their super strong in that Area or Im just thick but it took every trick I knew with my Rogue just to survive a 1v1 to which id get murdered horribly by a passing patrol because I couldn't Stealth in time

    so I tried my Tank Spec instead (boy did I learn that was a mistake) and I could no longer Dps enough to win the fight

    my Aoe Dps Spec got me shredded but Im pleased to say my support spec worked up to a point (that being when a wondering patrol out dpsed my heals)

    now that you know the story what am I missing Do I need super awesome gear are they overpowered or am I just Terribad at my rotation and build?

    for now I chill in the old world finishing up Quest lines but any advice will help

    thank you for your time

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    Put 8 points in Riftstalker (for Boosted Recovery), 4 points in Tactician (for Curative Engine), and then the rest of your points into either Nightblade, Bladedancer, or Tactician. This will give you the self-healing that you need.

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