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Thread: Rogue Saboteur NEED Help in PVP

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    Default Rogue Saboteur NEED Help in PVP

    Good morning everyone!

    Wanted an information'm new to Rift and I'm working with a rogue ...

    I wanted one for Saboteur Build, geared for pvp ... Full of bombs and stuff more and surely DAMAGES.

    I'm a little in doubt because I lvl at PVP. Wanted some tips on how to ride.

    Thank you all! And sorry for my English is not my native language

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    Hello, welcome to Rift.

    Sab is definitely better in some warfronts and not as good in others.

    Sab is an AoE soul, so maps like Port Scion (at the bridge) and Conquest (zergs coming to an extractor) work in your favor. AoE charges and Cloud Maker are great here (in addition to normal bombs).

    Sab also has AoE DoTs, so you can be useful in stopping people from interacting with an object. That's helpful in Black Garden, and Kelari Ridge, and could be useful when protecting the flag in Codex (although you usually only see enough of a zerg at the Codex flag). Use your bombs, especially Chemical and Spike. Also use traps or Land Mines to damage people when they get too close to the object.

    However, maps that are really spread out aren't as good for Sab. The Domination versions of Black Garden and Kelari Ridge can be frustrating if the opposition focuses on a different flag, and the Library and Steppes are usually too spread out to be of much use.

    Also, if you're primarily focused on PvP there are some parts of Sab you don't need. Unless you want to go a full 61 points to get Molotov Cocktail, maybe try a build like this:

    Good luck!

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    The issue with sab is that it has a large emphasis on people standing in stupid. Which basically means the people you need to kill (The smart ones) will largely negate sab, with their WASD keys.

    Sab doesn't so much need help, as rogue aoe needs help in pvp, as it's rather awful atm, however, Ill trade being bad at aoe, for being the top reliable st dps class.

    Generally you want to go about 51 points into sab, and then decide whether you want to round out with Assassin, NB or possibly tactician.

    51 Points gets you rapid set up, which is used with your DoT charges (Don't even touch the single damage ones). Traps are useful, but unreliable, as they cast at a location (Your opponents location, if you have the skill for it, and use @Gtae macro) and since it casts at said location, even if directed at an opponent, if they're moving, it won't hit them.

    The biggest strength of the sab class, is Chocking Gas Bomb (The silence) as it's an aoe, off DR silence, that's extremely potent.
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