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Thread: Rogue Stats - Ranger

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    Default Rogue Stats - Ranger

    I still find myself at a loss so I am hoping someone could help me understand it a bit more. Range-wise I find the most dps coming from Ranger. Marksman is about 2k DPS behind, I've noticed but that really isn't an issue for me. So long I can pull over 8k to where I will be pulling 9 - 10k in raids then I am fine with it. I would like to know what, with the Ranger spec being my prim build, stat should I focus on? I heard a while back that Ranger's ought to focus on crit power and Marksman ought to focus on attack power. I'm not sure if things have been altered or if what I heard is true. I'd like to know what I should focus on, either physical crit / crit power, or attack power so I can be most useful to my raid group.


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    Ranger focuses on crit power until the pet hits the CP cap, which happens at around 520 CP. After that, focus on AP.

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    Even without the pet scaling entirely, CP is still worth quite a bit to a ranger, given it's inherent 10% crit in the tree, and the 5 from the sin tree it gets afterwards.

    Honestly, I'ld suggest finding Gerys guide, and plugging his weights into Riftscene's weight calculator
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