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Thread: Very noob 40 Huntsman solo leveling question on multiple mobs and pig management?

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    Default Very noob 40 Huntsman solo leveling question on multiple mobs and pig management?

    I am new to huntsman but not MMOs. As I approached level 40, multiple mobs are a real problem. In particular, no amount of mobs attacking me, whether I am stationary or fleeing, interests my pet in attacking them. I am used to tanking pets behaving more tank-like. I wear crafted gear so not great but not completely below level. I am frustrated to be playing a pet class that seems to not give me a great pet class experience.

    How much is: l2p or Rift is tuned so that 3 mods kill me by level 40? How do you handle multiple 40+ mobs? Do you let the pig autocast quill? Do you manually need to target and petattack each additional mob? For example, I send pig in to attack a mob and the other 2 mobs near the node do agro, what should I do?

    I tend to not play melee or at least was going to let a future Warrior alt be my melee; but would you recommend a better solo leveling experience than huntsman? I prefer ease and survivability over speed.

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    What you're describing is pretty typical when trying to solo as a Ranger. The pig has very poor AoE threat and will not be able to lock down multiple mobs reliably (in truth this is the case for all pet souls except Druid). Though you can help it out a little by using Divert Rage with your own AoE attacks it's always gonna be rough going.

    To make yourself a lot more durable spec 4 points into Tactician for Curative Engine and 8 into Riftstatlker for Boosted Recovery. Your main soul, and how you spread any leftover points, is up to you, but Tactician, Bladedancer and Nightblade are all popular choices with good reason.

    If you really dislike melee then give Tactician as your main soul a go, it'll give you a good mix of self healing and ranged AoE damage.
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    Like Kedon said, Ranger is a very poor choice for AoE soloing. If you're determined to play ranged while leveling, then Tactician is your go-to build.

    Also, as a general rule of thumb... stay FAR away from the prebuilt specs like Huntsman. They're universally terrible.
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