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Thread: Rogue Tactician Leveling

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    Default Rogue Tactician Leveling

    So I've read that tactician can be pretty overpowered when it comes to leveling. I'm a new player and I'm trying to find the best build and general tactics to use when leveling as a tactician but I can only seem to find max level or higher level guides. Could anyone help me out? Just try to post a talent build to follow starting from level one, a basic rotation to use and anything else helpful you'd like to add!

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    Through your searching I'm sure you found Dunsparrow's D.U.N. tactician build.

    Use it.

    You're concerned with where to put points and at what level? I assume you are wanting to min/max your build and leveling experience.

    If that's the case, then transition from asking the questions to becoming a true min/maxer... experiment, try, do, fail some, win some... then write a guide on it for everyone else

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