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Thread: My wishes for Rogues

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    Quote Originally Posted by spweasel View Post
    Probably more like mad because you continue to pretend like dueling is the only part of the game that matters, and insist that the game be balanced around your hilariously limited worldview.

    Competitive Raiders may make up only a small portion of the community, but they most assuredly make up a much larger percent than those that care about competitive dueling.

    And since competitive dueling is the only place where you might not find opportunities to use DES, your opinion on the subject is not terribly useful.
    Your cool. Yea, you can stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AceinHole View Post
    You're doing it wrong, then. Maybe in PvE you could make a case for it, but in PvP it is a useless ability. And, no, I don't care about PvE or the 1% of people in Rift who actually raid.
    I see you have posted about:
    [ ]PvE
    [ ]Warriors
    [ ]Priests
    [ ]Mages
    [ ]PvE players
    [ ]PvP players
    [ ]Ganking
    [ ]Raiding
    [ ]Tanking
    [ ]DPS
    [ ]Addons
    [ ]WoW
    [ ]The forums
    [ ]Multiboxing

    On behalf of the rest of the forums,

    [X]You have no idea what you are talking about
    [X]Learn to play
    [ ]There are a dozen threads about this already
    [X]Quit whining

    [ ]Have a nice day.
    -Smarted the Awesome

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