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Thread: PVP sets

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    Default PVP sets

    Hello every1 good day =), so i am new to this game, and i am almost lvl 60 so i need ur advise guys.
    i am enjoying this game so much, so i bought some credits, now my question is, do u guys think its a good idea to buy the freelancer gear from the store or make a better use of the credits and could u give me examples?

    heres what i was thinking from P50 to 60 is really hard so i was gonna buy the set except for weps, and i was gonna make the weps myself since u need p70 to wear them.

    give me ur thoughts guys, have a nice day! =)

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    u still cant use them until you are p60.

    Just bank your favor and wait for 18.9

    Freelancer becomes to favor gear then

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