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Thread: any solid mm pvp guides out there

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    Default any solid mm pvp guides out there

    hey i was wondering if there are any solid MM pvp guides out there that anybody knows of. If there are i would appreciate if you guys and gals could direct me to them thanks.

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    Look under poster Muspel for MM, and Gery for Ranger in this very Guide Section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaszar View Post
    Look under poster Muspel for MM, and Gery for Ranger in this very Guide Section.
    Those are PvE guides, not PvP guides.

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    As with all guides, don't just follow them blindly mix it up and change it to suit your style.

    When I came back I was a bit lost so my first MM spec I went by (and tried most/all of his builds, and kept a lot of them)


    I since changed it up, removed a fair bit of the macros and changed to 61mm/ 10 rgr / 5 nb.

    Hopefully this should get you started in the right place.

    Many of my guildies swear by 61 ranger / 10 NB / 5 sin

    As with all things, disclaimer is I might be telling you horse poo!
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    MM guide:

    I use 2 macros:

    cast Bull's eye
    cast empowered shot


    cast Free Recoil
    cast Rapid Fire shot
    cast Hasted shot

    Everything else should be bound separately. Barbed shot, swift shot, deadeye shot (I never use it), Deaden, static shot, eradicate, strafe, retreat, OTD, and quick reload.

    Stay as close to 35 meters away from your target as possible

    Use terrain to your advantage to stay inconspicuous

    Use On the Double to break snares

    Use Retreat when in trouble.

    Use static shot if you get a melee target on you, then retreat away and burn him down.

    Use Quick Reload mostly to burn healers or high value DPS targets. For instance, this rotation works wonders:

    5 CP's ---- Free Recoil --- RFS --- Bulls eye -- EMP Shot ---- Hasted shot --- EMP shot --- strafe --- Quick reload --- Free Recoil --- RFS --- bulls eye -- EMP Shot --- Hasted shot --- EMP Shot --- Strafe-- Hasted--- EMP Shot

    Pay attention to buffs and eradicate the important ones (Riftblades really get screwed, as do assassins). Use Kalert to make this easier.

    Deaden those sentinels and purifiers and watch them drop. Also deaden the pyros who are dumb enough to flame volley you or the inquisitors who think they are cute and try to rebuke you. It's always a lulfest when I deaden them and they begin running around in circles wondering what to do. Get a cast bar add-on to make interrupting fool proof (I recommend Gadgets).

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    I play MM pvp i use MM, assassin, and bladedancer. Look through those trees theres some good specs u can go into with assassin giving 5% crit chance, and bladedancer with getting a crit makes u do 5% more damage and take 5% less.

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