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Thread: Rogue Stats - What To Focus On?

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    Default Rogue Stats - What To Focus On?

    Hi there!

    To start off I have a level 60 Rogue who has some decent pieces put together. A couple are crafted and a few are from experts. I also have the two set bonus for my crystal, working on to upgrade my expert gloves. This question has bogged my mind and I am completely at a loss here, so let me ask this:

    What stat should be mainly focused on? As a Rogue I personally would think you would stack on dex and attack power, and some gear has physical crit and or power crit. I definitely don't mind crit but it bugs me when I may lose 25 attack power. I'm just like that - I hate to lose that much points in my stat.

    What exactly should I be focusing on, or am I fairly accurate concerning dex and attack power?

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    95% of the time, ignore physical crit. It's return rate is too poor to make it a focus.
    Check through the guide section, and see what the stat weightings are per spec. That will tell you what you should focus on. The general rule of thumb: If you're in a spec that has lots of talents that increase your crit chance (ie. provides an additional 5% chance to critically hit), focus Crit Power. Otherwise, look to use a combination of AP and crit power based gear.

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