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Thread: Need help with a build.

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    Default Need help with a build.

    Hi, i was wondering if there is a world content farm build out there that stacks well with tanking gear.
    I recently hit 60 and i have 60k hp self buffed in my Riftstalker spec.
    Since i haven't been able to put together a dps set (all my efforts have gone to obtaining tanking gear), i was wondering if there is a build out there that gives me nice mob clear speed while using the stats of my tanking gear, especially endurance. (I'm talking about pure grinding here)

    Any suggestions would be help a bunch.

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    As in, some build out there that converts Endurance to higher damage? Nope, you're out of luck.
    Just use any of the normal solo/open world farm builds with your tank gear for now. It will still do decent enough damage until you can build a full set of DPS gear.

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    The primary advantage of tanking gear for soloing is being able to take on more enemies at once, so you might want to focus on AoE. Sab isn't very good for soloing, so you are left with Tact, NB, BD, Bard, and RS, all of which are solid solo and have AoE.

    I personally like RS's survivability and the fact that it hits up to 10 targets, so I combine it with Sin's damage and Stealth for my primary soloing build. There are tons of builds for soloing, though, like Granpa's NB build or Muspel's BD build (see the Guide section).

    You might want to consider grabbing some DPS gear. There is some easily obtained DPS gear around, like the epic crafted Helm. I wouldn't spend too much time/money to get them if you aren't going to use them for anything but soloing, but even a little will help cut down on the grind time.

    A mix of tanking and DPS gear will give you good results for grinding, but remember that Deflect does nothing for you, since even RS will usually be staying in Stalker Phase when not tanking. So if all else is equal, switching out Deflect gear for DPS gear will give you more than switching out, say, Dodge gear.

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