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Thread: Best 1-50 lvling guide as of 2.3?

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    Default Best 1-50 lvling guide as of 2.3?

    have 60 of every class cept rogue. I'm having a hard time finding a pre 50 rogue build for pure 1-50 lvling, I will be just speed soloing to 50 clearing zones via quests/rifts is how I prefer lvling.

    All the guides i came across when searching were all 50-60 soloing Storm legion builds.

    Anyone direct me to a solid cooke-cutter type spec for pre 50 lvling? thanks.

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    It's been a long time since I leveled a rogue but i'm working on a new one now.

    The quick answer to your question is try alternating specs? Play ranged or melee until you get bored with one, then switch.

    For melee I recommend
    Assassin/RS/Tact (if you don't have the SL souls then BD or NB work well). Start with 8 RS and 4 in Tact. Then fill out Assassination completely. When you start to feel like you're taking too much damage, throw a couple points in RS. NB can be used in place of Assassin but I like Assassin a lil more for some extra self-heals and Perma stealth. But NB has some AoE, where as Assassin itself has none. RS does provide some AoE if you put enough points into it, however.

    For Ranged:
    To me there's only 1 build that makes sense these days:
    Ranger/MM/Tact. Max Ranger for the pets and decent damage. Extra points can go to MM for additional damage or Tact for extra survival.

    There's other builds out there probably, but for soloing those are what I used and they worked well for me,

    Even though you only asked about 1-50, one thing I can tell you after leveling old my rogue from 50-60 over the past week or so: The ranged build I suggested doesn't work post 50. No matter what the pets are just too squishy. I recommend the Grampa build if you're undergeared. It's got a few flaws but will get you through the hardest parts until you get better gear. The melee build I mentioned above still works well past 50 as well especially once you get better gear.
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    Granpas spec in rogue build guides is still good.
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