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    Hi guys, so I'm a fresh 60, what spec should I learn for dos first? 61 NB seems to be sitting well, but would ranger or marksman be easier while learning fights? Thanks!!

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    Ranger requires pet management, but only in few fights where pet is going to die to boss AoE. Marksman is the worst DPS soul for single-target but also is the easiest.

    From DPS specs Nightblade is the strongest in experts/dungeons as there tends to be disconnects and it can handle them quite well, after that both Bladedancer and Aasassin are solid choices. I personally prefer assassin over BD. Bladedancer has the strongest AoE with equal dps to nightblade in melee, Nightblade has some good ranged attacks to fill gaps when you can't melee the boss with good AoE and assassin is pure single-target DPS but will wreck other specs from rogue while having no aoe or ranged options.

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