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Thread: Assassin/ranger build?

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    Default Assassin/ranger build?

    I am fairly new to the game playing since June. I have lvled my rogue as MM/Ranger. But I was wondering where I could find a good build for assassin/ ranger where I can go stealth have my greater boar attack and tank for me while I back stab the mob. Want to try something different and that actually looks fun.


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    i am horrible at spec building
    this build is fun and not too too bad at dps
    more of a dungeoneer spec though
    but maybe youre looking for something like this - http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#z...la8/ykwBW8ww/t
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    Default Me too

    I'm newb at this and am making a Ranger/Assassin/Marksman build. It's basicly a hunter build. I'm not even lvl 20 yet and will most likely reset or get another tree when I'm a higher level. But this is a fun build for ranged attacks and I have some rouge melee so if my pet/tank doesn't hold aggro or I just feel like walking up and attacking from behind, I can. There are bound to be much better builds, but I like the freedom of this and it seems to do enough dps to solo easily.

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