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Thread: Assassin Nightblade or Assn/Nb

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    Default Assassin Nightblade or Assn/Nb

    Been a lvl 60 rogue for 5 wks now i have a MM,Ranger,Tact/Brd,Tac,Sab build looking to try out melee. Can you tell me the differences between the three builds. Thanks

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    So 61 assasin is your direct dmg with zero aoe melee build, perfect when your able to kill a boss from behind and able to stand in melee 95% of the time we get to keep up with clerics and warriors with this build even tho they can do aoe.

    61 NB has good st and can spread dots with living energy cd and blazing making it very useful on alots of fights since your single target remains high + dot aoe. As a aoe build is it not as good as bladedancer but fine for trash.

    61BD can pull with correct rotation and cd usage the same dps as 61NB however is doesn't get boosted dmg sub 30% health of targets. You can do some nice aoe or 2 boss/mob cleave, you have zero ranged attacks in this build but you can pick MM as sub soul if you want ranged attack however the single target will be less than NB. You get an interrupt yay

    44NB 32sin solid single target dps however with the new changes might be worth checking your numbers to 61NB. You have to be behind target for this to work for good dps.

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    To look for those:

    61 Assassin

    61 NB


    61 BD for solo; not sure what folks recommend for Raiding.... Muspel might respond.

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