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Thread: ?'s about Sab

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    Default ?'s about Sab

    #show annihilation bomb
    cast necrotic core
    cast annihilation bomb
    cast carpet bombing
    cast @gtae chemical bomb
    cast spike bomb
    cast molotov cocktail
    cast cloud maker
    cast fragmentation bomb
    cast time bomb
    cast splinter bomb
    cast embers bomb
    cast rapid setup
    cast caltrop charge

    Is my one button macro that i picked up from guild forums but it doesnt include any Traps or Land Mines. Is it not worth using those two?

    Also with the new patch is it worth specing into bladedancer for blade tempo now?

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    My guess is because traps/landmines are a dps loss... unless for pvp i guess.

    Macro seems ok but you could do what I do and just modify it how you think and spend some time on the dummy and check. I am not sure how good sab is to macro though.

    Blade tempo no idea, i think sin poisons might be better with the buff to 30%
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    I think chemical bomb should be moved to after molotov cocktail.

    I mostly do just PvP so Cloud Maker is only situational and not for a spam macro.

    I do not have traps in my spam macro cause too much moving around in PvP but for PvE I see no reason not to have at least the 2 AE ones in there near the top (the DoT right before Chem Bomb and the DD one after frag bomb). If there is something about the PvE setting that makes them less DPS I don;t know what it is.

    I put Detonate in my spam macro right after frag bomb, but I never use charges without rapid setup and don't have rapid setup or any charges in my spam macro so not sure how that would work for you.

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