I am fairly new to this game, but I think the following will be a great build. I have a character up to level 27 so far but have never been past Gloamwood. Any and all helpful criticism is appreciated. The build is a support/soloing rogue. The build is Bard(27)/Saboteur(32)/Tactician(17).


5/5 Increased Explosive Power
5/5 Advanced Combat Training
2/2 Armor Fragmentation
5/5 Combat Wounds
3/3 Silent Setup
1/1 Entangling Trap
5/5 Charge Booster
1/1 Improved Entangling Trap
2/2 Military Strategist
1/1 Residual Shrapnel
1/1 Land mines

5/5 Deafening Music
3/3 Invigorated Soul
1/1 Anthem of glory
2/2 Stage Presence
1/1 Power Chord
5/5 Street Smart
3/3 Chord of Inspiration
1/1 Improved Anthem of Competence
5/5 Triumphant Spirit
1/1 Improved Motif of Regeneration

5/5 Ionization
5/5 Strategic Advantage
1/1 Infernal Torrent
3/3 Extended Workload
1/1 Infernal Combustion
2/2 Enhanced Necrotic Torrent