Now rezing my rogue, tried out sin spec as I can see its damage is pretty high both in pve and 50-54 bracket. She is lvl 45 now, shes 45/15 Sindancer
Is her current spec

Her gear is mostly Criterion gear (40s pvp gear) with a few 44 dex/crit pieces and essences are all dex/crit (3 blue, 3 green)

My problem is, for example a 41 chloro i ran into, my savage was only hitting for about 100, criting 200 and final blow hitting 300 to 600 5 points with puncture up. Another instance would be a 43 pyro I hit for the same amount but in return hits and crits were 500-3000?

Am I doing something wrong here or there a serious imbalance with physical damage vs magical??