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Thread: Leveling build without Tactician?

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    Default Leveling build without Tactician?

    So I have been scouring the forums for a decent 1-50 leveling build for rogue, and I cannot seem to find one for someone who does not yet own Storm Legion.

    I am a returning player looking to make a new rogue. I want something good for leveling and occasional grouping.

    From what I can find I believe I will like BD, but almost every single leveling build of any kind recommend Tactician. Would it be viable to use these same builds, just using something else in the place of Tactician?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Leveling from 1-50 isn't particularly difficult for a Rogue unless you're going pure Sab or MM in my experience (especially from 40-50 if you're undergeared). BD/RS or NB/RS gives you a nice chunk of survivability while still maintaining decent damage output. Ranger is great and Bard can be a bit slow (though great for survivability). I can't speak for Assassin as it's a soul I've never touched though. You could take this 51BS/21RS/4Tact and replace Tact with whatever you want (like Marksman for On the Double), though you wont have as many points available if you're only going to 50.

    That build was posted by Muspel and the guide can be found here if you haven't already seen it.

    If you do get SL, those 4 points in Tact for Curative Engine mean a lot and can make a night & day difference in leveling from 50-60. Which is why it's in so many leveling/solo builds. Basically you lose out on a self heal of sorts by not using Tact.
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    Everyone recommends 4 Tactician for levelling because it's insanely good and means you pretty much never need to stop to heal. 8 Riftstalker gets you Boosted Recovery, which is a passable alternative, but as it only procs on a kill it's not much help in longer fights, so when you move on to Storm Legion zones where enemies take longer to kill things might get a little hairy. You could also put 12 into Assassin for Leeching Poison, which will give you some additional in-combat self healing.
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