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Thread: Help me understand off-hand weapon damage

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    Default Help me understand off-hand weapon damage

    How much does off-hand weapon add to overall weapon damage I do?
    Somewhere I heard off-hand weapons are nothing more than stat sticks, which would imply they do not add to the damage itself but my stats.

    If that's true, what benefit do I get from skills Contra tempo or Dual mastery (BD skills)? They are supposed to add to my off-hand damage, but ...

    So, would someone be so kind and point me in the direction of my answers or explain it here themsleves, so I would understand my Rogue a bit better.

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    For most specs, the off hand weapon is just a stat stick. Assassin and Nightblade attacks are only main hand, therefore the off hand is doing nothing..

    The Bladedancer however uses both main hand and off hand attacks therefore having high dps on both weapons will work out for the better. If you don't have two similar weapons, throw the higher dps weapon in the off-hand position. Most of the Bladedancer damage comes from off hand attacks.

    Read through the Abilities abilities in all three melee specs to understand this a bit better.
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