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Thread: How to play a bladedancer?

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    Default How to play a bladedancer?

    Ok I'm level 30 and I've been putting most of my points into assassin, but people say bladedancer is better for leveling, so I got this spec http://www.rifthead.com/stc/0MVMhVg0VedhGkqcRvV0Vvx from riftscene.com and I was wondering what are the main skills I should be using while soloing.

    thank you.

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    Check the Bladedancer soloing guide in my signature. It covers the rotation pretty well, although there are a few abilities you won't have yet.

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    Muspel has a great BD leveling guide, you should take some time and read through it carefully. Also the script he has at the bottom for KruulAlert is invaluable.

    At your current level I would suggest putting 4 points into Tact, and 8 points into Riftstalker first and foremost. Even though this will leave you behind slightly in the BD tree and may lower your DPS a bit at your level, the increase to your survivability will make it all worthwhile. After that just follow along with Muspel's build advice for Blade Dancer right to level 60.

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