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Thread: Just hit 60, now what?

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    Default Just hit 60, now what?

    I know there is a big sticky up at the top of the page and I read it all (great direction for me to head in) but now I would like to ask a little more detailed of a question.

    So just hit 60 (BOOYAH) and want to first and foremost be a rogue tank, love the playstyle, love the abilities, love the fact I'm not mindless DPS.
    My last set of tanking gear was the Adventurer's set that can be upgraded with Emperal Stones (think they start at level 50) and can be upgraded to level 54 (but mine are not upgraded)
    Obviously I don't have the gear to start tanking ANYTHING at my level right now, but want to start gearing out for Experts and eventually Raids.

    So what do?
    pretty much I have a bunch of DPS gear that got me speed leveled, a few of the level 60 stones (maybe 10) and a whole **** ton of Planarite (prolly close to 200k). Do I need to run dungeons as DPS until I can muster up a set of decent tanking gear, or is there other options where i can jump in and start tanking now while earning my gear?

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    I did NOT write this! I emailed this out to a friend so it's in my 'Sent' folder. Some of this stuff *might* be outdated when the patch comes out next week (e.g., the guide says ghunt is the best way to grind Torvan rep but there could be a faster way in Dendrome when it opens up next week) but here you go:

    1. Run your daily expert dungeon when you reach 300 Hit.
    2. Run your daily "A Hero Rises" chronicle. This is the only other way to earn Dungeon Marks outside of dungeons.
    3. Complete your Ashora Dailys and Steppes of Infinity Dailys. These give much needed Necropolis/Quijari Rep and Infinity Stones.
    4. Complete your Daily Raid Rift. This gives 10 infinity stones and 700 Torvan Rep.
    5. Complete your Great Hunt Storyline quests and subsequent GHR Daily. The storyline gets you deep into Torvan Rep and the Daily gives another 700 Torvan Rep everyday.
    6. Join as many zone events as possible. The best way to gather up those Infinity Stones.
    7. Join Great Hunt Rift groups. Great way to earn Planarite to buy DRR lures (easy money) and earns you Torvan/Lycini rep.
    8. PVP in Karthan Ridge to reach Revered Rep to buy BiS Trinket. Then do Conquest to upgrade the Trinket.

    Join chat channels CrossEvents@Faeblight and CrossRaids@Faeblight for easy invites into Zone Events and GHR cross server.

    You should also check BiS lists like at riftscene.com to see whether you want Empyreal Marauders _____ (from Dungeon Marks) or Empyreal Hero's _______ (from Infinity Stones). Make sure you are spending your Dungeon Marks and Infinity Stones on the right slot!

    After 3-4k infinity stones and 150-200 marks you will be very well geared. Work on your Torvan/Lycini rep to create the best Planar Focus and buy the BiS Cape. Work on Quijiri rep for BiS Cape Rune, Necropolis for BiS Belt Rune, and EC Survivors for BiS Neck Rune.

    At this point you should be on your way to Raids, first of which is the 10 man Triumph of the Dragon Queen. Once you beat that, move on to the 20 mans.


    I am a rogue tank and tanking experts are not that hard. You need 300 toughness before you can do that. You should be able to get pretty close to that with gear from Infinity Stones. I would run experts as DPS until you get Marks/Drops to get 300 toughness. Or run Standard Dungeons and tank those. You don't need any toughness for those. I would say Experts are easy to tank at about 43-45k HP. I have 0 raid gear and I have 54k HP and I find Experts extremely easy to tank. I've had healers die when the boss was at 40% and we still win.
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    There are a few things you can do.
    #1 Get the crafted Rogue Tank Items. x2 Rings from an Artificer. Helm, Belt, Cape from an Outfitter, there may be a couple other items from Outfitter as well. A Weapon Smith can make you items for main hand, off hand and ranged slot.
    #2 Farm IS to purchase items from the World Gear Merchant. There is a chat channel IIRC CrossEvents@faeblight join that and farm the hell out of those stones for gear and Lesser Essences.
    #3 Farm Great Hunts for Lycini and Torvan Notoriety to unlock Lesser Essences and Capes.
    #4 Daily Raid Rifts for Lesser Essences and maybe some gear drops.
    #5 Run random Normal Dungeons over and over and over for experience with the different zones and a chance at needed gear. Stuff hits hard in SL dungeons, do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for support heals.

    Spending a few days Farming IS may be the fastest way to get that first gear set because you won't be depending on RNG from normal dungeons for gear.

    Refer to Muspel's tanking guide for general Rift Stalker info.

    Good luck Rogue Tanking is fun.

    Edited to add that you could wait till the 12th to buy with real cash your first tanking set from World Gear and Dungeon Gear options.
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    The fortified belt,rings,head crafted gear with the stellar endurance augments are a good place to start. X2 rings and head would give you 159 hit and with your leveling dps gear you should be able to queu and tank normal dungeons and then see about getting some tank/toughness gear from those.

    Also its a good idea to at least run through each of the experts as a dps or support just so you can see any encounter specific mechanics and what the basic strats are before heading in as a expert tank yourself.

    Been a long time since i had to gear up and thats all i really remember is the crafted gear.

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    Thank you all, now I am off to start building my tank set.

    and yes I am aware that when F2P hits i can buy my gear but no thanks, I'm not that rich haha

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