After reading several of the guides and trying out various builds I generally found they weren't quite for me. I'm not the world's greatest player so I want something that is solid, dependable and adaptable, not too bothered about farming a gazillion mobs at once.

At L56 at the moment and eventually worked out the build for me. consists of 20 bladedancer/20 riftstalker/ 36 assassin (once L60). It was a conscious decision NOT to take 4 tactician as it seems every build has that.

Anyway onto the build I'm using

Any build suggestions are welcome

I currently use the following

Expose Weakness

Jagged Strike from stealth


#show savage strike
cast shadow assault
cast phantom blow
cast savage strike


then Final Blow if I get to the second finisher

For AOE I use

#show twin strike
cast shadow blitz
cast rift disturbance
cast twin strike

with Compound Attack as a finisher

Buffs Leeching Poison, Lethal Poison, Planebound Resilience, Stalker Phase

Utility powers Slip Away, Enduring Brew, Side Steps, Blade Tempo, Weapon Barrage, Shadow Shift, Foul Play

It seems to be working for me, giving no downtime, it's not energy heavy and gives the option to stealth/incapacitate when needed.

Please feel free to tell me if I'm missing something obvious as I've been away from the game for a while and am only just getting back in the swing of things