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Thread: touch of darkness not desirable on pvp?

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    Default touch of darkness not desirable on pvp?

    well at first before getting touch of darkness I Was excited of dealing almost double damage with my openers but having lower range , thought that wouldn't be a problem , like in wow.. thing is in this game everyone spams aoe left and right.... and more often than not I get out of stealth before reaching someone , even wasting shadow stalk to do it

    So my question is , touch of darkness is absolutely not recommended to use on pvp ? toggle if I see the chance of using it on someone who is close ? or not

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    It can be useful, in the right context. Basically it is for ambush tactics. You know where someone is going to go say in a WF and you sit stealthed waiting. Then pop on em. I like that kinda style. In CQ though with the massive zerg mentality....yeah pretty useless.
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