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Thread: Rate my 'different' type of Rogue build.

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    Default Rate my 'different' type of Rogue build.

    Well, I've thought of a build, but I don't know how well it would do it PvP nor PvE.

    Ranger 58
    Marksman 10
    Rift stalker 8

    Ranger on 58 to get twinshot, but from lvl40-58 I'll be using ace shot. With 58 points into Ranger I can also make use of 2 instincts which basicly gives me the option to give myself a extra 10% damage boost.

    The 10 points in marksman are kinda obvious to get a extra 5 meters of range, and fan out could also form a fun skill during PvP.

    Now the weird part of this build. I chose riftstalker for the possibility to get a fast teleport out of a tight situations. You also get a nice endurance buff for more HP and a nice skill called Guardian phase. Even though this skill might be kind of useless during PvE, for PvP it seems really usefull, especially with Boosted recovery and the buff Spirit of wilderness. Instead of 15% healing, you'll have 21% on each attack your pet does, and on top of that when you kill a enemy you get a 150% DoT heal, though, I don't know if this would work during PvP to, or that it only applies to killing blows, but if it counts for any kill, you could be sort of "invincible".

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    It'll work for solo pve, as much as any other spec with a tank pet.

    You're probably going to get your face wrecked in pvp, though.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish~

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    Why would you take 3% passive damage increase rather than 40% damage buff for 15 seconds every 45 seconds? It makes no sense or do you really need that Fan Out from MM tree for something?

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